The key to our success is the satisfaction of the customers we serve. Since winning our first contract, our role in community-based services has grown significantly. Committed to becoming a wholly people focused business, we have rapidly evolved to become a benchmark of public service delivery within local communities.

Increasingly recognised for offering a broad and complementary range of neighbourhood management solutions, our reputation for striking a pragmatic balance between the interests of all our stakeholders – service users, clients and shareholders – and an emphasis on management efficiency have enabled us to enhance community living and create a thriving business in the process.

Focusing on people makes us unique, and our business model has become a touchstone for imaginative planning, service integration and diversity. At the same time, we have earned the respect of our clients by increasing value on their behalf while supporting the Government’s sustainable communities agenda. With communities subject to ever-increasing political scrutiny, we are well equipped to extend our activities even further into the public sector.

Successful businesses know that identifying with, and giving to, the community is vital if they are to achieve a genuine sense of trust. Pinnacle PSG is no exception. We are open in our dealings, transparent in our pricing, and deeply committed to enhancing the communities with which we are involved.

Our business culture is based on our vision of investing in people, transforming places and maximising potential. This underpins everything we do, from the services we deliver to the way we deliver them.