Pulse, a community interest company sponsored by Pinnacle Group, has successfully launched its latest initiative, the Scrapbook Project, in a bid to help preserve precious memories of elders living in Canning Town.


The project aims to combine the local history of E16 and the Docks, currently undergoing significant transformation, with an arts and craft perspective.


Pulse Chair Naomi Karslake said that by capturing the memories of local elders through a range of media, including photography and print, they hoped to encourage inclusiveness and promote diversity in a rapidly changing demography.


“Ultimately this project is about connecting a range of generations through precious memories and stories of the local area,” she said.


“We hope to give older local residents the chance to tell us their stories about what it was like to grow up in the local area, linking this with the experiences of local children today to create a lasting record.”


“There is also an element of enabling elders to feel confident in retaining ownership of their memories and of their community, particularly during times of change, which is proving to be extremely beneficial for those suffering from memory loss and dementia.”


Naomi said the idea for the project came from the residents of Ruscoe Road, who are actively involved in a number of community initiatives with Julie Impey, Pinnacle PSG’s Sheltered Scheme Manager.

“The whole community has been really supportive of the project, which was put forward as an idea from our Ruscoe Road residents,” she said.


A participant said:

“It was lovely to interact with the children, and we were pleased with how interested they were in how life was for us as children, growing up in Canning Town.”

“So far we have run three sessions, including one with local children, and have now just been granted some funding from the Royal Docks Trust to take it forward well into 2017. We also hope to link in with local school’s work experience programme to further engage children of all ages.”


The project will run for a full year across a number of workshop-style sessions, and will capture memories in both personal scrapbooks – for each participating member to keep – and in a ‘community’ piece, by way of a community mural and public exhibition. Each session is themed to capture a range of stories, including education, employment, leisure and family.


Established in 2008, Pinnacle Pulse is a Community Interest Company set up entirely to deliver community engagement initiatives. For more information, visit www.pinnaclegroup.co.uk/pulse