Last week, The Enduring Tangerine Tree – a landmark public sculpture by award-wining artist Gary Drostle – was unveiled in Eythorne Park, Myatts Field North after more than a year of work.


Working with Regenter and local residents, Gary held a number of workshops back in 2016 to capture memories of the area over the past 60 to 80 years. Using submitted photographs and historical archives, Gary brought these memories to life using mosaic artwork – transferring and firing the photos onto porcelain tiles – now featured streaming up the sides of the seven-metre column.


Gary said the new sculpture, commissioned by Regenter and named after local resident Marjorie Daley’s iconic tangerine tree, located in the same park, is one of his best yet.


“I heard about the tangerine tree story when the building work was still going on and everyone was trying hard to keep the tree alive,” he said.


“The tenants told me the story of how the seed had been brought over and planted here, with everyone saying it wouldn’t grow but then it finally rooted. I really liked the story and it seemed to be a good symbol of the community as a whole.”

“I’m really happy with the finished piece – I think it’s my best work yet.”


“It’s really nice how the photographs have worked with the rest of the mosaic – from a distance, you just see the tangerine tree which really catches your eye because of the strong colours and then, as you get closer, you begin to see all of the photographs,” he said.


“I think it really gives it a real essence of the local community.”


Pinnacle Group provides housing management and estates services to the Myatts Field North community in south London on behalf of Regenter Myatts Field North. Pinnacle Group also delivered the large scale regeneration project, which included new investment of in excess of £180 million and 808 new homes.


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