Over the next 100 days, contractors Pinnacle PSG will be visiting all council owned estates throughout the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham as they carry out a Spring Clean and estate tidy up, following the festive period.


Pinnacle’s 100 days of Spring Cleaning is the biggest cleaning exercise ever undertaken in the Borough, and is in addition to the work that caretakers already do on the estates to care for external communal areas.


The programme, which began on 16 January, will be delivered by two new specialist teams funded by Pinnacle PSG, without any extra cost to the council or residents.


Our teams will make sure that all walls, stairways, windows, entry systems and lifts are left clean, and that hard to reach areas – like light shades and chutes – are clean and clear as we start the New Year.


The deep clean kicked off in the north of the Borough at Bush Court, in Shepherds Bush Green on the 16 January, and the second team have also begun their programme at The Grange on Lytton Estate. The teams will now work their way through each estate before finishing their programmes on 31 May.


We always like hearing your comments and feedback, and after each estate or block has been visited residents will receive a card through the letterbox asking for their comments. Alternatively, you can also provide feedback here.


If you are a local tenant or leaseholder, you can find out more details by calling Pinnacle PSG Estate Services on 0330 332 0845 (freephone, 24-hours-a-day) or by emailing Katarzyna Juszkiewicz at K.Juszkiewicz@pinnaclepsg.co.uk.